NYC November 13th 2023
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NYC November 13th 2023

£2000.00 GBP

Introduction to Lace Foundation Making:

This is a five day class for 15 participants within a studio environment.

Each student will receive a free complimentary starter kit, and they will also be expected to bring their own canvas wig block, wig clamp and / wig cradle.

Everything else will be provided.

Day one

wig prep 

head tracing 

head measurements 

block padding 

health and safety 

pattern plotting

Day Two 

tools and terminology 

lace laying and pinning 

whipping with nylon thread 

single knotting 

double knotting 

cross knotting 

directional knotting 


Day three / four / five 

foundation construction 

finishing touches 

inserting wig springs 

where to purchase materials such as lace and other vital tools 

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