5 Day Introduction to Wig Making


Monday to Friday 12 - 6pm 

Location: London  

Instructor: Tsia Stuart 

Course Content: 

This is a 5 day class and it takes place over consecutive days from 12pm until 6pm Monday to Friday. 

This is an introduction class that students of all abilities can complete and excel in. 

Day one: 

wig prep . head tracing . head measurements . block padding . pattern plotting 

Day Two:  

health and safety . tools and terminology . lace laying and pinning . whipping with nylon thread . single knotting . double knotting . cross knotting . directional knotting  

It also covers: 

advice on where to purchase materials and tools . density and hair growth direction when knotting a lace front wig 

Day Three, Four, Five:  

foundation construction . finishing touches . inserting wig springs . where to purchase materials such as lace and other vital tools 

Students will be required to bring a notepad and pen.


Tisse from Brazil.

Tisse travelled from Brazil to learn how to construct a wrap around foundation.

She doesn't speak or understand English, so we communicated via Google translate. 

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